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Vision and Mission


In this fast changing world of today where barriers have all been marauded to unite the vast sea of ; humanity into a global village, the citizens of one world with the master stroke of Technology; Education is the only edifice that leaves its imprint in the lives of humanity. The educational institutions stand as ʻCitadels of learningʼ and harbingers of ʻQuality Consciousnessʼ committed to developing the minds and initiative of children.

FAIPS KUWAIT a reputed Indian Public School in Ahmadi amongst the burgeoning public school system has played a vital role in the enhancement of learning thereby laying claims to the creation of epitome of quality education. The vision and foresight of the Al Nouri Teaching Establishment with the DPS Society; the total involvement and professional interest in the cause of education of the unmatched faculty and finally the aspirations of the young minds to soar high; have all contributed to the pursuance of learning redolent with innovation and unrivalled progressive outlook.

The school is open to the children of all nationalities and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Kuwait and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary School / Examination (AISSE / Class X) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE/Class XII).

We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations to combat with the challenges of the 21st century. The young fledglings of FAIPS are helped to master the expanding horizon of technology has also become the repository of a deep commitment to tradition and culture in its pristine form. The vitality of the classrooms, the energy of the playing fields and the open friendliness of the work environment, have enabled the students to reach their fullest potential, whether in securing distinctions in the CBSE Board, SAT and Olympiad Examinations or winning accolades in Dramatics, Debates, Quizzes or Sporting Activities- The special character of FAIPS lies in shaping the destinies of each individual entering its fold.

 Education is the beacon light illuminating the horizon
 It is the web weaving the world to bind usin unison
 Rich or poor, color or creed it is not what it distinguishes
 From the hearts of souls all negativity it extinguishes
 It teaches us to have faith in that right makes might
 Perseverance to strive, honesty and humility that holds upright
 Envelop all in the glow of Godʼs wisdom
 Enkindle this earth into a new blossoming kingdom
 Develop in students, the quest for knowledge and life skills.
 Impart skill based education which will enable them to support themselves in future.
 Develop the capability for sustained hard work and analytical thinking.
 Inculcate in students a strong sense of responsibility, making them socially contributing citizens of a progressive society.
 Create an environment that fosters both intellectual and personal growth of the children.
 Impart value based, growth oriented and creatively challenging education to the students.
 Developing in students the ability to manage change.