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Year 1 Year 2  Year 3  Year 4  Year 5 Year 6
English Computer Literacy  Computer Literacy  Computer Literacy  Computer Literacy Art
EVS English English English English  Computer Literacy
French EVS   French   French  French   Dance
GK  French GK    GK GK English 
Higher Arabic GK  Higher Arabic   Higher Arabic  Higher Arabic  French 
Hindi Higher Arabic  Hindi   Hindi   Hindi  GK 
Lower Arabic Hindi   Lower Arabic  KSS  KSS   Higher Arabic 
Maths Lower Arabic  Maths   Lower Arabic  Lower Arabic    Hindi Music
Moral Science Maths   Moral Science  Maths Maths  Hindi 
  Moral Science  Science  Moral Science Moral Science   KSS
    Social Science   Science  Science  Lower Arabic
      Social Science Social Science  Maths  
           Piano and keyboard
          Social Science 
          Western Music 
 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Art Art Art Art Accountancy Accountancy
 Biology Biology  Biology Biology Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Business Studies Business Studies
 Computer Literacy Computer Literacy Computer Literacy  Computer Literacy Chemistry Chemistry
 Dance Dance Dance Dance Computer Science Computer Science
 English English  English English Economics Economics
 French  French  French French English English
 GK GK GK Hindi Maths Maths
 Higher Arabic Higher Arabic Higher Arabic Hindi Music Multimedia and Web Technology Multimedia and Web Technology
Hindi Hindi  Hindi Maths Physics Physics
Hindi Music Hindi Music  Hindi Music Physics Political Science Political Science
KSS  Lower Arabic Lower Arabic Piano and keyboard Psychology Psychology
Lower Arabic Maths Maths Social Science    
Maths  Physics Physics Western Music    
Physics Piano and keyboard Piano and keyboard      
Piano and keyboard Social Science Social Science      
Social Science Western Music Western Music      
Western Music