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A Trip To Kitco

A Trip To Kitco Quality over Quantity is the principal key to success for this monumental institution of Kuwait and it was a great fortuity, for the students of FAIPS to pay a visit to this distinguished enterprise. The Commerce Department of FAIPS had organized an educational trip to KITCO with the objective of familiarizing the students with the manufacturing and production process of the company. This enterprise goes by the name of KITCO and its logo ‘Bunny’ is one of the most renowned logos in the Middle East. We entered wearing plastic wraps around our heads apparently for hygienic purposes even though we, the students couldn’t discern the difference. ‘Safety’ is something they take very seriously. There were several instructions put up in every unit of the factory. Here are the observations that students recorded from the procedures: - The following procedure of processing the potatoes and making chips out of them is not done manually but through a computerized method. The necessary ingredients for the production process of biscuits are flour, sugar, water etc which are put together in machines for this process. The process includes the dough getting mixed first and then it gets mixed with all the ingredients required for production of biscuits, the biscuits are packed into packets, into different shapes, they are baked and packed into packets. At the end of the visit the students and the teachers were gifted with hot samples of both chips and biscuits. The students learned everything that was to learn about the ingenuity and efficiency that is necessary from the workers to produce the foodstuff that we have always treasured.